MLB Trade Deadline 2023: Guides for All 30 Teams

Full breakdowns on each team in Major League Baseball, ahead of the upcoming trade deadline. Who is buying in 2023 and who is selling?

Blake Snell
PHOENIX, ARIZONA - AUGUST 31: Blake Snell #4 of the San Diego Padres delivers a seventh inning pitch against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field on August 31, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

The end of the July in Major League Baseball represents one thing. The trade deadline.

At Just Baseball, this means tasking our great staff to come up with 30 trade deadline guides on all 30 MLB teams, as we always aim to put ourselves in the mind of front offices and the thought process they must be going through during this pivotal time.

Teams who are clearly World Series contenders have to put that finishing touch on their roster, while teams in the Wild Card hunt look to move some pieces around to make a final playoff push.

Then you have teams out of the race completely, who need to decide what they have to sell, and what they need to build around in the future. For a breakdown on who’s buying, selling and caught in-between, click on the links to our team deadline guides below!

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AL East

New York Yankees – Buy? Sell? A combination of the two? The Yankees’ front office has some big decisions to make as we approach the 2023 MLB trade deadline.

Toronto Blue Jays – The Blue Jays have a tenuous grasp on a Wild Card spot and a distant shot at the AL East. How can they improve their chances at the deadline?

Tampa Bay Rays – The Tampa Bay Rays have been one of the hottest teams all season long and will likely be in on pitching at the trade deadline this year.

Boston Red Sox – The Boston Red Sox are close enough in the Wild Card race that they could buy at the trade deadline, or they could go the other way and sell.

Baltimore Orioles -The Baltimore Orioles need to be aggressive at this year’s trade deadline, but who will they add to assist in the playoff push?

AL Central

Minnesota Twins – The upcoming trade deadline will confirm if the Twins are settling for a playoff spot or ready to compete for a World Series.

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Cleveland Guardians – The Guardians are a rare team who could be both buying and selling at the trade deadline, moving pieces around to try to win the AL Central.

Chicago White Sox – The time has come for the White Sox to adjust the plan and retool the roster to try and return to contention in the next few years.

Kansas City Royals – The Kansas City Royals aren’t buying at this years trade deadline, but after already dealing Aroldis Chapman, they don’t have much left to sell.

Detroit Tigers – If Detroit Tigers GM Scott Harris is serious about establishing a new culture through a rebuild, expect them to be sellers at the deadline.

AL West

Houston Astros – The reigning champs have some real competition in the AL West this year, which could force them to be more aggressive at the trade deadline.

Seattle Mariners – Will the Mariners buy, sell, or stand pat at the upcoming trade deadline? Truthfully, we probably still don’t know.

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Texas Rangers – The Texas Rangers are looking like a World Series contender this year, who will be searching for those finishing pieces at the trade deadline.

Los Angeles Angels – The Los Angeles Angels have showed their hand that they plan to be aggressive buyers at this year’s trade deadline. What’s their next move?

Oakland Athletics – While the Oakland Athletics have been consistent sellers over the last few years, they are thin on assets that can be moved at the deadline.

NL East

New York Mets – It is looking like the New York Mets will be sellers after all, with veterans such as David Robertson, Tommy Pham and Mark Canha on the block.

Atlanta Braves – The Atlanta Braves are certainly going to be buyers at this trade deadline, but what exactly does a team that is this good need?

Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies could use some extra help for the postseason chase, but their most important pieces are already on the roster.

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Miami Marlins – The Miami Marlins are right in the thick of the NL Wild Card race and will be looking to add at the trade deadline to make a playoff push.

Washington Nationals – The Washington Nationals are sitting at the beginning of a rebuild and will be sellers at the trade deadline, but what do they have to sell?

NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers – If the Brewers wish to be legitimate contenders come October, they need to find ways to improve this roster at the deadline.

St. Louis Cardinals – As the St. Louis Cardinals continue to struggle, John Mozeliak and crew seem ready to retool at the trade deadline.

Pittsburgh Pirates – The Pirates are within striking distance in the NL Central, but they may be better suited to sell at this year’s deadline.

Chicago Cubs – With Marcus Stroman and Cody Bellinger, the Chicago Cubs feature two of the best players who could be moved at this year’s trade deadline.

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Cincinnati Reds – No one was expecting the Reds to contend this year, but now this is a team who should be looking to buy instead of sell at the deadline.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers – The L.A. Dodgers don’t need to add much to make a deep playoff run this year but could use some more pitching and an infielder up the middle.

San Diego Padres – The San Diego Padres find themselves in a less-than-ideal position heading into this year’s MLB trade deadline.

San Francisco Giants – The SF Giants have a chance to buy at the deadline to make a run at the playoffs, but they could also take advantage of a seller’s market.

Colorado Rockies – The question is not if the Colorado Rockies will be sellers at this year’s deadline, but more so what exactly do they have to sell?

Arizona Diamondbacks – The Diamondbacks have the chance to contend this year, but need a shot in the arm at the trade deadline after coming out of the break slow.

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