Top 10 MLB Prospects for 2022

Any pitchers who have thrown more than 50 MLB innings or hitters who have racked up 150 MLB PA’s will graduate from the list. Here is the list:

The power breakout of Volpe was a pleasant surprise last season. Pair the breakout power with an advanced feel to hit and you have one the most exciting prospects at 21 years old.

It’s easy to envision 25 homers for Moreno. The 22-year-old has only punched out 11% of the time in his MiLB career and his strikeout rate has hardly budged in the upper levels.

9. Gabriel Moreno (C) Toronto Blue Jays

Baz’s lethal fastball-slider combination allowed him to dominate the minor leagues in 2021. Both his floor and ceiling rival that of any prospect and he is poised to anchor the Rays rotation.