Lorenzo Cain: From the Field to Family

Lorenzo Cain retired after the 2022 season, opting to spend more time with his family than to continue a great career that spanned 13 seasons.

Lorenzo Cain left a legacy on the field that is full of clubhouse camaraderie, laughter, and passion to be a consistent force on and off the field. He was always a lively leader no matter what locker room he was in. He hit the pinnacle of 10 years of service time that many major leaguers strive for.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Lorenzo to talk about his amazing career, most memorable World Series moments, and what he is doing now to give back to his kids and community. 

Lorenzo Cain’s Instagram handle truly sums up what motivates him in life… “locain6_3kids”. His kids. That was a common theme throughout the entire interview we did with Lorenzo on Behind the Seams. How important his kids and family are to him were obvious drivers to his life each day. 

When Cain was DFAd by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2022, he had plenty of options to continue playing, but ultimately he left that decision up to his kids. 

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“I had opportunities to continue to play,” Cain said. “Once I got home I kind of left it in the hands of my boys. I said ‘Hey what do you guys want daddy to do? Do you want me to continue to play baseball or are you ready to for daddy to be home with you guys?’…and I mean within a second they screamed ‘Daddy, I want you to stay home! I want you to stay home!’ so it was decided with them and it doesn’t take me much convincing when it comes to my boys. I decided to hang them up and walk off on my own terms so that is always a blessing.”

The passion for his family is what keeps Cain going now that his career is over. He gets the opportunity to take what he learned from his days and the game and teach it to his kids. One of the greatest lessons he has is consistency. A word that defined Lorenzo’s Cain in the major leagues. 

“I like to tell them to be consistent. If you know you want to achieve something that maybe baseball, maybe football, a firefighter, whatever the case may be, you have to bring consistency,” Cain said. “I always want them to be consistent in whatever they do.”

But Cain doesn’t let consistency in one thing be the be-all and end-all to the growth of his kids. “I’m just trying to create that structured, safe environment for these kids and I’ve been having a blast doing it,” Cain said. “Just watching these kids grow and give them the opportunity to grow in whatever they decide to do in life. It’s something that I enjoy doing the most.”

It’s not often you get to hear this human side of players. To have a player dive into how passionate he is about his family and how he has found his identity in something greater than the game itself. Retiring from baseball wasn’t the end of Lorenzo Cain’s identity. 

“Now I get to spend time with my family and hangout and retire. And just give back not only to my kids, but to the community as well,” Cain said. “I’m involved with coaching and with the community as well because I’m coaching basketball, I’m coaching baseball, I’m even coaching flag football. So I’m heavily involved with that.”

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On top of that, Cain is bringing his lively personality to Foul Territory where he gets to continue covering the game that he loves. Dive into this incredible Behind the Seams interview on YouTube and all of your favorite podcast streaming platforms! 

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