TOP 15  Free Agents

Ranking MLB's

Player Name

Now that the 2021 season has officially come to an end, it's time to look at the big name free agents heading into the offseason.

By Zach Smith

#15 Clayton Kershaw: 

2021 Stats: 10-8 record with a 3.55 ERA Potential Targets: Dodgers, Yankees, Rangers Prediction: 1 year/$18M with Dodgers

2021 Stats: .265 BA with 31 HR and 87 RBI Potential Targets: Mets, Cubs, Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Astros Prediction: 5 years/$100M with Mets

#14 Javy Baez: 

#13 Kevin Gausman: 

2021 Stats: Led NL with 33 GS, 1st-time All-Star, 2.81 ERA Potential Targets: Giants, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Angels, Red Sox Prediction: 5 years/$100M, Blue Jays

#12 Chris Taylor

2021 Stats: 1st-time All-Star, 20 HR with a .254 BA Potential Targets: Dodgers, Phillies, Giants, Mariners, Astros Prediction: 4 years/$68M with the Dodgers

2021 Stats: .310 BA with a .383 OBP, led MLB with 47 stolen bases Potential Targets: Marlins, Phillies, Yankees, Giants, Padres Prediction: 4 years/$100M with the Yankees

#10 Marcus Stroman

2021 Stats: Led NL with 33 GS, 3.02 ERA in 179.0 IP Potential Targets: Mets, Giants, Angels, Cardinals, Cubs, Mariners, Nationals Prediction: 5 years/$100M with the Cardinals

#9 Robbie Ray

2021 Stats: Led AL in GS, IP, K’s, ERA, WHIP, and had 11.5 K/9 Potential Targets: Blue Jays, Giants, Angels, Cardinals, Yankees, Cubs Prediction: 5 years/$120M with the Blue Jays

2021 Stats: 1st-time All-Star, .309 BA with 34 HR and 100 RBI Potential Targets: Mets, Rockies, White Sox, Red Sox, Padres, Reds Prediction: 5 years/$120M with the Mets

#7 Max Scherzer

2021 Stats: Led NL in WHIP, H/9, BB/9, and had career best 2.46 ERA Potential Targets: Angels, Dodgers, Giants Prediction: 3 years/$90M with the Angels

#6 Trevor Story: 

2021 Stats: .251 BA with 24 HR and 75 RBI Potential Targets: Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, Rangers, Tigers Prediction: 5 years/$125M with the Cardinals

#4 Marcus Semien

2021 Stats: Hit 45 HR with 102 RBI and 15 SB Potential Targets: White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees, Mariners, Astros, Rangers, Tigers Prediction: 5 years/$125M with the Mariners

#3 Freddie Freeman

2021 Stats: .300 BA with 31 HR and 83 RBI Potential Targets: Braves, Yankees, Red Sox, Brewers, Giants Prediction: 6 years/$180 million with the Braves

#2 Corey Seager

2021 Stats: Played in 95 games, .306 BA with 57 RBI Potential Targets: Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals, Phillies, Astros, Mariners, Tigers Prediction: 8 years/$210M with the Yankees