The In The Gap Podcast Goes Back To Cali With Orioles Legend Adam Jones

Our new podcast arrives with special guest and Baltimore Orioles' legend Adam Jones talking about walk-up songs, baseball movies, players getting booed, and more.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - OCTOBER 07: Former Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones reacts after throwing the ceremonial first pitch before the first inning of Game One of the American League Division Series against the Texas Rangers at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on October 07, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The In The Gap podcast is making its Just Baseball debut with an in-depth conversation with Baltimore Orioles’ legend and pie celebration perfector Adam Jones. Check out the episode at the bottom of this post or skim the highlights below.

Here, Adam talks about bringing some Cali rap vibes to Camden Yards by way of his favorite walk-up songs, how playing in the minors felt like getting sucked into the world of Bull Durham, and what it meant to be under the tutelage of Tony Gwynn after growing up idolizing him. 

Jones also gives us his thoughts on whether fans are justified in booing their home players and what got him into podcasting (both as a part of the Foul Territory crew and on The Adam Jones Podcast). 

As for what the In The Gap podcast is, well, it’s a show hosted by a professional pop culture expert and interviewer/baseball obsessive (hello!) that’s going to feature conversations with athletes, actors, comedians, writers, and directors.

Together, we’re going to spend each episode talking about what’s going on in baseball culture, the happiness and heartache of their fandom, and pretty much everyone will try to convince me to give The Sandlot another chance (someday) and cut Field Of Dreams some slack (never). 

Next up: an interview with director DJ Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eyes) and an inside look at his new pre-dynasty Yankees docuseries Bronx Zoo ‘90, which is INSANE. But now, check out this small collection of highlights from our Adam Jones episode and listen to the whole thing below because it’s free, fun, and Adam Jones is a true original who tells it like it is. 

On the origins of his favorite walk-up song, “Keep Their Heads Ringin” from Dr. Dre. 

To this day, you talk about almost 30 years later, and that music and the rhymes and the beats still eclipse what’s out there now. I used “California Love” also.

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Obviously, I would switch it with some Young Jeezy, whatever was hot going into whatever new album was released, especially in the summertime, but I always try to keep it old school, O.G., with “Keep Their Heads Ringin” and “California Love.” Those were my two staples, being a California guy. Maryland people didn’t like hearing “California Love” screamed out at the beginning of my bat, but hey, be happy. Okay. It was a great song.

On growing up in San Diego as a Padres fan in the ‘90s and idolizing Tony Gwynn. 

11 years old, just very impressionable, and just started to really enjoy baseball. And obviously, the Padres went to the World Series in ‘98, and it was just a wrap for me. I think that was my passion, and I was fortunate enough to be able to get scouted by Mr. (Tony) Gwynn, recruited by Mr. Gwynn, got to know him really well post his retirement and obviously into my playing career, so it was a blessing to have it full circle, a guy I idolized, obviously, on the TV screen and through commercials. Obviously, now, I’m getting to get hitting lessons from him and advice.

On home team fans booing players on expensive contracts like Trea Turner in Philadelphia or Chris Davis when he was playing for the Orioles. . 

They’re paying their money, so if they don’t like it, they’re not going to be happy with it. I got booed too. Again, it comes with the territory. I think what they did in Philly last year, especially a tough city like that, and especially knowing how good Trea Turner is when he tortured them when he was with the Nationals, they know how good he is. That got him going. Give him a standing ovation, billboards, and all kind of things like that.

On launching The Adam Jones Podcast and appearing on Foul Territory

(Baltimore) was a place I called home for such a long time, so it’s been cool to give back my stories and thoughts to Baltimore fans. Hopefully, they really appreciate them and, hopefully, trying to grow that bigger. But I really just want to focus on Baltimore a lot because that’s the fan base. I know they want to hear the stories of my playing days, of the future of what’s going on, especially from a unique perspective.

What I love about Foul Territory also is that it gives that, I would say that conversation after a few. You know what I mean? It’s that conversation after having a few to where you can… Again, you never want to say the wrong thing because people run with it, but at the same time, in today’s journalism, it’s okay, I guess. It’s okay to say the wrong thing because you can correct yourself, but these guys need to express themselves. I’m tired. I guess a lot of people are tired of the boring interview of “We’ll get them tomorrow. We’ll hang them in there. A Struggle tonight. It was a battle. I’ll do it.”

On his favorite baseball movies. 

Well, Bull Durham gets it right in the minor leagues. I mean, I remember watching it as a teenager and then getting into pro ball, rewatching it, and literally living it. I was in the Midwest League, and I’m like, “Oh, if this isn’t it, I don’t know where I’m at.” I think Major League does a great job.

I think that’s one of my favorite movies. Obviously, you can go back to Cobb and different things like that. The Great Roy Hobbs (The Natural). But for me, Major League and Bull Durham, because that brings in the reality of it.

Once again, please do check out the first full episode of The In The Gap Podcast here on Just Baseball for the full interview with Adam. Also, check out his podcast (The Adam Jones Podcast, and look out for the next episode of The In The Gap Podcast on Bronx Zoo ‘90 with director DJ Caruso.

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