Grading the Arizona Diamondbacks New-Look Uniform Designs

Coming off winning the NL pennant, Arizona Diamondbacks have given their uniforms a refresh. How do we feel about these new threads?

Corbin Carroll
PHOENIX, ARIZONA - JULY 08: Corbin Carroll #7 of the Arizona Diamondbacks is awarded a victory vest by teammate Even Longoria #3 after hitting an RBI single during the tenth inning for a 3-2 win against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Chase Field on July 08, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Fresh off a run to the 2023 World Series, the Arizona Diamondbacks have announced themselves as one of the young teams to watch in baseball right now. When you do watch them next year however, things are going to look a bit different.

The news dropped on Friday that the D-backs will be changing up their look next season with a refreshed take on their jerseys.

Their new uniforms are, the Arizona Diamondbacks explained, “retro meets modern.”

Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, the D-backs opted against bringing back their classic purple-and-teal retros, but these four uniforms mark a step in the right direction.

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The new look reincorporates colors and designs from the 1998-2006 D-backs, while staying true to the team’s current primary colors and logos.

Also notable: There’s more teal, which was a focal color in the original D-backs’ uniforms. (Since 2016, it’s been making a subtle comeback.)

Here are each of the four looks.

Home Off-whites

The D-backs have revived the off-white color from the 1998 team’s home uniforms, and it will have the signature “A” logo on the front — notice its sharp teal outline. The off-white will also align this uniform more closely with the team’s “Serpientes” City Connects.

Gone from the front is “D-BACKS” and the player’s number, so the look is much cleaner. Add to that black piping on the front and the snakehead logo on the sleeve.

Sedona Red or black baseball caps, then, reinforce the “A” logo from the jersey.

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Grade: A- — These uniforms look sharp, and the off-white marks a nice shift (and will probably look better under the Chase Field lights). There’s still more to be done with the lid, though.

Road Grays

Every team needs a set of road grays, and the D-backs have made minimal changes — with two notable exceptions.

There’s no color change in the gray though ARIZONA now subtly pops with the teal outline, and the black piping gives the jersey some definition. It’s a nice contrast with the gray.

In addition, the D-backs have removed the player number from the front, so there’s less clutter while the snakehead logo on the sleeve gives the look some bite.

But check out those lids: a black cap set off by a Sedona Red brim and a vintage D-snake logo (circa 1998-2006) in red with a teal outline.

Grade: A — Road grays can be dull, but these work. The uniforms are clean with the teal sprucing things up a bit, and the hat absolutely pops.

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Black Alternates

These have been a mainstay of the D-backs’ closet since the beginning, so this one is a no-brainer. (Think of it as the D-backs’ “little black dress,” a fashion essential, as noted by Karl Lagerfeld, that never leaves the wearer overdressed or underdressed.)

The teal piping down the front and on the sleeve coupled with the “A” logo, also outlined in teal, brighten up what had been a drab look with the snakehead on the sleeve a constant in all these uniforms.

The teal highlight on the all-black hat ties everything together.

Grade: B+ — It’s a nice upgrade, but nothing to write home about.

Sedona Red Alternates

Of course, the D-backs kept their red uniforms, which saw significant changes.

Gone is the abbreviated “D-BACKS” in favor of “DIAMONDBACKS” in black with teal outlining. The player’s number also appears in teal, and there’s teal piping around the collar.

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Again, though, the hat makes it work. Players may wear either the black caps with the D-snake or a spicy Sedona Red cap with a black D-snake set off by a teal outline.

Grade: B — There’s a lot going on with that jersey (so much text on the front and the snakehead on the sleeve). Plus, I’m not sold on the teal and Sedona Red combination. But that hat rules.

Of course, the alternates may be worn at home with white pants or on the road with gray.

It’s a nice refresh, but until the D-backs bring back the purple and teal, their work remains unfinished.