The Loupe App Is Making Sports Cards Easier To Collect Than Ever Before

This article is presented by Loupe.

We are living in an unprecedented age; we have every resource in the world in the palm of our hands. There has never been a time where more information, resources, and abilities have been made so readily available. The same can now be said with sports trading cards! We can be eating potato chips in our bed at 3:00 a.m. and be ripping packs with our friends around the globe.

This is what Loupe has brought to us. Now with Loupe, you can acquire sports cards anywhere that there’s a WiFi signal.

You might be asking, what is Loupe?

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Think of Loupe as your neighborhood card shop joining forces with Twitch. It brings the professionalism and ability to deal with the highest quality product that you might have a hard time finding in your local area, and a rich community which you can open cards with.

Gone are the days when you have to have a local shop near you to get access to the top-shelf product. Instead of trying to make it to the shop during business hours, Loupe has breakers streaming all day long. And even better, you now do not have to rip the product alone! One of my least favorite things is when I pull a huge prospect I’ve been hunting for months, and my dog is the only one there to see it!

Now, you can open up cards with hundreds of people watching. The ease of access is incredible; you can shop while watching others, find a product you like, pay instantly with Apple Pay, and the breaker opens your packs for you in front of a live audience. You can also have the dealer ship you your cards to break yourself!

Just Baseball is not only thrilled to be working with Loupe, but we are also all frequent users of Loupe. A couple months back, while my wife and I were vacationing in Chicago, I was having trouble sleeping because my father-in-law was snoring viciously in the next room and our Air B&B had paper-thin walls. I pulled up Loupe and spent the next three hours ripping the 2020 Bowman Draft stock and spent all my play money for the week before I ever got to the Magnificent Mile.

So, now that you know that we are partnered with Loupe, and you know that we are also users of their fantastic platform, you need to know what to go buy, right?

Every breaker will have their own unique setup, but most breakers will have all the current products. If they don’t, just tune in to a different stream and find the one you like!

We are gearing up for Bowman Baseball 2022 to come out, which is sure to be immensely popular when it drops on May 4th.

This product is loaded with incredible players and this checklist is jam-packed with phenomenal game-changing prospects, big name rookies (Franco, Cruz, and India), and veterans that you love.

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Players We Are Looking Forward to Collecting in This Month’s Product

1. Wander Franco is the obvious choice here. If we noticed anything by the drop of Topps Series 1, Wander-Mania is insane and will last all year long.

2. Jonathan India had an incredible season for the Reds last year, bursting onto the scene in Cincy. He is not on the same level as Wander, but honestly, who is.

3. Alex Kiriloff is another outstanding player who has an auto in this product

4. Ke’Bryan Hayes continues to have success and is an incredible play to hunt because of his elite floor.

5. Then there’s Josh Lowe! This man forced his way onto the field in Tampa and we will have yet another superstar in the Trop this season.

Continue to follow our Loupe partnership all year and click on this link below to download it to your Android or iOS device!

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