Top 10 Best Duos in the MLB Right Now 

J-Rod is a budding superstar, who could become the best player in baseball in the near future. Ty France is having a nice year, especially with his offensive impact.

10. Julio Rodriguez and Ty France - 5.5 fWAR

When it comes to RBIs, this is the best run-producing duo in the sport this season, as they have combined to drive in 177 of the Mets 544 runs.

8. Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso - 8.1 fWAR

Alvarez has been the best hitter not named Aaron Judge this season, with a personal 5.0 fWAR as a DH, and Altuve’s wRC+ is the highest it's been since 2018.

7. Yordan Alvarez and Jose Altuve - 8.4 fWAR

Jose Ramirez continues to be a perennial top-10 player, but it’s his new 23-year-old All-Star sidekick that has our attention with his 144 wRC+.

6. Jose Ramirez and Andres Gimenez - 8.6 fWAR

Devers continues to ascend, as he’s become less of a defensive liability, while Boegarts is playing like one of the top offensive shortstops in the game.

5. Rafael Devers and Xander Boegarts - 8.8 fWAR

4. Austin Riley and Dansby Swanson - 9.5 fWAR

Riley is a legit MVP candidate who is locked in for the next 10 years, while the 28-year-old Swanson has made himself a lot of money in a contract year.

3. Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo - 9.6 fWAR

Rizzo is having a great season, but Judge is on a different planet that is skewing all the numbers in their favor, as he cruises to his first AL MVP.

2. Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts - 9.6 fWAR

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball again, sporting a roster that is filled with talent, but the star duo of former MVPs puts them over the top.