The Best Lies From ‘The Captain’ Documentary

But remember! This is a celebration of lies, NOT a condemnation of them. Each one will be graded out of 4 liar points

Did he go out of his way to want the guy gone? Doubtful. But did he let it slip that he wasn’t his favorite? You decide. 3 out of 4 Liar Points

Had No Part in Yankees Getting Rid of Chad Curtis

Jeter describes them as incredibly attentive and deeply knowledgeable. Michael Kay’s rant about Joey Gallo saying he’s human proves everything that must be said 4 out of 4 Liar Points

New York's Fans

Jeter recounts when he laughed so hard that his belly button popped out. He then states “That story probably isn’t going to make this.” 1 out of 4 Liar Points

Not Knowing How the Media Works

Perhaps the greatest pitcher in the game momentarily forgot the difference between holding a baseball vs a lengthy piece of lumber. Sure! 4 out of 4 Liar Points

Not a Bat Flip, But a Bat Throw

Jeter definitely is lying here and had at least somewhat of a problem with the trade. But, there’s also some genuine believability here. 1 out of 4 Liar Points

No Problems With the A-Rod Trade

He knew the last thing he could do was walk Jeter in that spot. Perhaps that was his way of showing respect: opportunity. 0 out of 4 Liar Points

Buck Showalter Didn’t Groove a Pitch for Jeter in His Last Game