Spencer Strider, the Best New Pitcher in Baseball

Spencer Strider took the mound on Sunday with the opportunity to finish a sweep on the Phillies. He accomplished just that, throwing six innings of one-run ball, but in the process he made history.

As Atlanta continues to make their push for the division, the rookie’s phenomenal ascent has been at the forefront of everything they have achieved so far this season.

Strider came out of the bullpen, pitching to a 2.22 ERA. On May 30th he made his first career big league start and has not looked back since.

Strider’s Ascent During the 2022 Campaign

Strider’s only gotten stronger as the season wears on too. Over his last 10 starts, he’s only allowed more than two earned runs once. This month, he’s recorded at least nine strikeouts in each start.

When you average 98 on your fastball with a wipeout slider, you are going to rack up a fair share of strikeouts. Strider only throws those two pitches 95% of the time.

What Makes Strider So Dominant?

Despite being just 6’0″, Strider gets nearly seven feet of extension on his pitches. In doing so, he eliminates distance between himself and the batter, making his pitches jump on batters even more.

We have been saying this a lot lately, but the future is very bright with the Braves considering all the homegrown talent that they have developed. Strider is just the latest example of that.