Ranking MLB's

Player Name

It takes a combination of star power and skill to capture a World Series title, however, teams need the right manager to bring all the pieces together.

By Zach Smith

Managers are the glue of the franchise. They must control the locker room, call the shots each game, and get the most out of every player.

Without the right skipper, even the best teams will crumble.

In order to properly rank the best managers, we split them into two branches: the Chapter 1 list, those in their first few seasons, and the Track Record list, more experienced managers.

Here are the best managers in the MLB…

#5 Mike Shildt:  Works for MLB

Accolades: 2019 NL Manager of the Year, career .546 win percentage


Accolades: finished in top 4 for NL Manager of the Year from 2017-2019, career .521 win percentage

#4 Craig Counsell:  Milwaukee Brewers

#3 Kevin Cash:  Tampa Bay Rays

Accolades: 2020 AL Manager of the Year, 2020 AL Pennant, career .529 win percentage

#2 Dave Roberts:  Los Angeles Dodgers

Accolades: 2016 NL Manager of the Year, .614 winning percentage, 3 NL Pennants, 2020 World Series Champs

#1 Alex Cora:  Boston Red Sox

Accolades: 2018 World Series Champs with 11-3 postseason record (all in first year), career .598 win percentage

#5 Dusty Baker:  Houston Astros

Accolades: 24 years as a manager, 3x NL Manager of the Year, .534 career winning percentage


#4 Bob Melvin:  San Diego Padres

Accolades: currently longest tenured manager (11 seasons in Oakland), 3x AL Manager of the Year, career .514 win percentage

#3 Joe Maddon:  Los Angeles Angels

Accolades: 2016 World Series Champs (Cubs), AL Pennant, 2x AL Manager of the Year, NL Manager of the Year

#2 Tony La Russa:  Chicago White Sox

Accolades: 12 Division titles, 6 NL Pennants, one of 2 managers in history to win World Series with a team in NL and AL, 4x Manager of the Year (3 AL, 1 NL)

#1 Terry Francona:  Cleveland Indians

Accolades: 2x World Series Champ, 3 AL Pennants, 2x AL Manager of the Year, career .541 win percentage