Home Run Derby Predictions, What the Heck is WAR, Jeff’s Trip to Tokyo

Episode No. 3 of Outside the Box With Jeff Conine.

Jeff Conine Podcast

Jeff Conine and Aram Leighton discuss the Home Run Derby at Coors Field, and why it has the makings to be a classic. Between the loaded field of eight contestants, and the altitude, Jeff believes we can see some things we have never seen before in the Derby. Also, why winning the competition with the new format requires much more than just hitting the ball far.

Discussing “Wins Above Replacement” or WAR, one of baseball’s most popular advanced stats. Jeff, who describes himself as “Old School” believes the stat is flawed, and lays out a really good argument against its accuracy. Of course, Aram springs some other advanced stats on Jeff, but gets him to warm up to one of them!

Also, Jeff describes his trip to Tokyo, Japan to sign Ichiro Suzuki. Why Ichiro’s superstar status in Japan dwarfs anything we’ve seen in the United States.