Five Tips for the National Sports Collectors Convention

Our five tips to navigate the National this week!

National Card Show
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 10: Topps' baseball cards from the 2016 season are on display during the "Open Topps Baseball Series 1 Cards " event at the Topps' offices on February 10, 2016 in New York City. (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

It’s finally here, The National. As I sit in my hotel room and anxiously await what these next few days have in store, I took time to jot down a list of best practices that I think will help you (and myself) navigate this incredible event the best possible way. Think of me as your National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) sherpa for the week. I will be here to guide you (and me) every step of the way.

Prepare For Crowds

The first is somewhat obvious, but be prepared for lines and people everywhere. The expectation is that this year’s show will be the most well-attended show in quite some time. For some of you, this may be the first big post-Covid event you have been to, so take precautions to help you feel comfortable and safe. We want you to have a blast this week, but we also want you to be healthy at the end.

Cash is King

Take cash with you! Vendors will often want to move fast due to the volume of people that will be at the event. Negotiations take long enough, don’t slow everyone down with your PayPal/Venmo requests.

Do Your Homework

Create a list of things you are looking for and know recent transactions histories of each. If you notice one of the cards you are after is down, buy the dip! I am expecting a spike in prices after the National heading into the fall; now is a great time to buy cards that you feel are below value. I am personally looking for Ke’Bryan Hayes, his raw rookie Bowman chrome 1st auto is down $50. For a guy who is competing for National League ROTY and a Gold Glove, that seems like a card I want to target.

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Don’t Get Stuck

Keep moving, but don’t feel like you need to see everything. If you find a card that you like and the price is too high, most of the time there are other cards or items in that range at other vendors. Don’t get stuck, just keep moving.

Make Connections

Take time to build relationships. This is a business, but more importantly it’s a community. You have an opportunity to build relationships that could really impact your future and your collection. Take the time to talk with the people behind the tables. 

Bonus: Buy at least one item that you will keep to remember the event. This is an awesome event, take the time to take it all in and get yourself something to remember it by.

We will have updates throughout the week, TikToks, live videos, and recaps. Let us know if you are here and would like to meet up! We might have some swag to give away…